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S001 A Critical Evaluation of the Scientific Method

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Any discussion of evidence and facts requires an understanding of the nature of science. In this first lesson the way science works today is examined and the distinction between Operational Science and Historical Science explored. This lesson should be covered first, as the points it raises underpins future lessons. The lesson involves an experiment which can be carried out with household products; equipment details and safety issues are covered in the student workbook.

When you down load the product you will find there are 6 documents relating to the lesson contained within a zip file. These products are:

1. A student work book which you can print off and write in to complete the lesson objectives.
2. An answers book which you can use after the lesson as been completed for self assessment.
3. A presentation in PowerPoint, to accompany the workbook. This compliments the lesson and adds additional information including internet links and should be available on a computer as the student works through the lesson material in the workbook.
4. The same presentation available as a PDF document.
5. A video to play before starting the lesson which introduces the lesson content.
6. The Thinking Skills Table that gives information about different types of thinking and the activities they involve.

Once down loaded on a PC, select the zip file and right click. Select, 'extract files' to open the zip file.

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