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The Bible makes the seemingly outrageous claim that the Earth was created in six, 24 hour days! At Creation Family Science we believe this to be true and endeavour to demonstrate that the claims of the Bible can be supported by scientific evidence.
We offer practical science to schools, house groups and youth meetings, believing that through doing science people will better understand how science works and can weigh the evidence for Creation for themselves. A recent visit to a Bristol school had this response from the Headmaster, Jaap Van Wyk :

We experienced the need for the children to do practical work where they can perform experiments, accumulate and analyse data, have discussions and learn.
We found this in the lessons Sue Jones gave, who loves her subject and presented it in such a way that all the children benefited from it.
The lessons included all the aspects of learning, visual, hands on and the interactive content enhanced our curriculum.
Also, the science lessons enriched the topic work we had done. The children enjoyed all the practical investigations and found the lessons very stimulating.'

As each class is made up of a unique group of students, we would liaise with you first to find the most appropriate subjects to study and the range of ages of your students. As a result, each session will be tailored to meet the learning goals for your specific group. Sessions are usually provided weekly throughout one term and the material covered supports both the ACE and the National Curriculum objectives in stages 2,3 and 4. All equipment is supplied by Creation Family Science and all experiments have been risk assessed by a qualified teacher.

What is Creation Family Science?
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Recently we have also started putting together some resources for the Home Educator. See lesson details in 'Shop'.

Alternatively, for churches, sessions could run over a weekend or provide a stimulating weekly Bible study. The main aim is to provide an atmosphere of fun and enquiry during which participants get the opportunity to examine, through experiment, the nature of different kinds of science and develop an awareness of the way our world view influences how we interpret information from the past.

To get an idea of the content of a discovery session click here

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