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The Bible makes the seemingly outrageous claim that the Earth was created in six, 24 hour days!
At Creation Family Science we believe this to be true and endeavour to demonstrate that claims from the Bible, like the Genesis Flood, can be supported by scientific evidence. Our unique combination of Bible exposition and practical science, enables individuals and families to come together in a relaxed and fun environment to explore how science works and the evidence for Creation. Following a recent event, Hannah had this to say:

A fun and fact filled afternoon! Some really interesting and thought provoking info and good hands on experiments.
Big thumbs up from all our family :)

Get a flavour of what happens at one of our family Science and the Bible encounters below:

Interested to find out more? Details about the content of the different sessions can be found here

Home educators, follow this link for resources. link

The recent Creation conference videos can be viewed by clicking below:

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