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"Recently Sue Jones delivered a session at our church on 'Creation, The Bible and Science'. People of all ages, from school age to retired, found it to be informative, challenging and entertaining. Sue explored how science and faith, whilst sometimes initially appearing to disagree, do in fact meet. The session was interactive with hands-on activities which the children loved doing. For anyone who questions the possibility of Creation, thinks they know how it all began or has never really thought about it - this is for you! " Summer 2018; Carolyn, Church Elder

"The lessons on genes and inheritance were really good and helped me understand it much better"
"I learned lots of interesting things about life and how it began. I learned the most about DNA" Summer 2018; Bristol school students KS4

"My favourite part was debating about Creation and Evolution. I learned how science can be historical or experimental which I didn't know." Summer 2018; Bristol school student KS2

"Excellent workshop, clearly communicated. Suggestions for assessment and demonstrating progress were particularly helpful."
"Very informative help with lesson planning, well delivered in a relaxed and informative way.." Teachers, Carmel School following INSET training on Lesson planning, Assessment and Demonstrating Progress.

"...Mrs Jones has enthused the students with exciting and interactive practical science lessons... Critical thinking about the evidence and results is essential for good science and her carefully planned practicals encourage students to really think about what they are observing and what processes were involved in reaching that result... The students have benefited a great deal from her talents.." Teacher, Maranatha School

"...I absolutely loved science this term. I especially liked getting the DNA from fruit and was amazed how easy it was." Student from Immanuel School, Oct 2016

"...I really liked to do the volcanos when they exploded and I really liked to do crystals too but the best was making the volcano." Sara, May 2016

"'...I liked it when we made the fossils and looked through the microscope. Thank you for teaching us!" love Jozlyn, May 2016

"...I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson you gave us. The experiments were especially fun. It made me learn many ways of how to show that evolution is a false theory!" Carmel School Student, May 2016

"...I enjoy doing the experiments as you get a better understanding. The slideshows are very helpful. Mrs Jones explains all the information very well and very descriptive. I really have a better understanding of fossils and sedimentary rocks. Its very enjoyable." Pupil at a Christian School in Wiltshire, February 2016

"...I really like learning with Mrs Jones. She teaches us very well, we do lots of experiments and activities. We also made a really cool fossil...." Rebecca, February 2016

".Heya had a great time today! Loved the experiment. Would love to have you as my science teacher !!""..It was really interesting to see the DNA!" Baptist Youth Group, Chippenham

"...I liked making layers of rocks using jars""...gave me evidence to support the creationist view I already held" Village Science WE

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