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VJ002 Volcanoes and The Movement of the Continents

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This is the second lesson in the Volcano series. The lesson starts by examining the Genesis account of Creation, to establish that originally there was only one land mass and one sea. The idea of the 7 continents, (NC Geography, KS1), is then introduced and contrasted with how the original single land mass might have looked. Students should see that the 7 continents miraculously ‘fit together’ like a jigsaw. There is an opportunity here to demonstrate this using ‘The Continents’ template and cut out your own continents jigsaw.
The second half of the lesson introduces some ideas about the structure of the Earth and considers how the original single land mass might have split and where the force needed to do this could have come from. The description of the Global Flood in Genesis is referred to as a possible mechanism to cause the break up and movement of the continents. (The consideration of forces in action would support work on forces in the NC in years 3 and 5)
As always there are several thinking activities for the students to engage with and more key words to add to their scientific glossary.

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