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R003 Plate Tectonics and The Global Flood

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This is an interesting lesson which considers the theory of Continental Drift and looks at the possibility that this movement of the continents could have been initiated by the Flood.
The lesson starts with an in depth Bible study which considers the meaning of the Hebrew words used in the Genesis accounts of Creation and the Flood. These descriptions explain how there was sufficient water to cover the Earth and how the Earth's geology would have been dramatically altered when the Flood happened.
The structure of the Earth is also considered together with Wegener's theory of Continental Drift. There is an practical activity of making a jigsaw of the continents.

The lesson pack contains:
1. The student work book.
2. The answers book for assessment after the lesson has been completed.
3. A PowerPoint presentation to accompany the lesson.
4. The same presentation in PDF format.
5. A map of the continents to make the jig-saw.

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