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R002 Evidence for a Global Flood - Fossils

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Science looks for evidence to support its theories and the millions of fossils buried in rocks all over the Earth gives a wealth of evidence that catastrophic events have wiped out millions of land and sea creatures in the past. This lesson looks at whether the global flood, described in Genesis, could have been the mechanism that caused the death of all these creatures.
To start with there is an optional Bible study from Genesis, which looks at how death came into the world. Then evidence from the fossil record is examined, to explore how these creatures died and whether a flood would produce the right conditions to form the fossils that we see.There are lots of thinking exercises and some amazing slides of fossil grave yards which are a visual record of huge mass extinctions of life.
There is also an experiment to make a fossil.
The lesson consists of 4 documents:
1. The student work book which should be printed for the student to use.
2. The answers booklet, which allows for assessment at the end of the lesson.
3. A presentation in PowerPoint which has slides of fossils and lesson summary points.
4. The same presentation but in PDF format.
The Thinking Skills table should be used which is available from lesson S001.
It is recommended that you do the Rocks lesson R001 before this lesson.

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