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L001 DNA and The Origin of Life

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This is an interesting first lesson in the 'Life' series that tackles the important question of how life began. This has always been a BIG question in the science community and so in the lesson we look at some of the early, sometimes simplistic ideas, about how life started. The discovery of DNA is introduced and this amazing molecule explored. There is also a fab experiment which you can do at home, where the DNA is extracted from various fruits. Details of how to do this are in the lesson plan, together with important safety instructions and there is a video of the experiment in the lesson folder.

Finally we ask the question whether it is possible that this molecule could have arisen by chance and we look at various opinions of modern scientists as they continue to grapple with the enigma of Life!

As always, activities designed to develop thinking skills are employed through out.

The lesson pack contains:
1. Student work booklet.
2. Student answer booklet for assessment.
3. A video of the extracting DNA experiment.
4. A presentation in PowerPoint to be used in conjunction with the lesson work book.
5. The same presentation in PDF format for those without PPT.

It would be useful to refer to the Thinking Skills Table available in lesson S001.


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