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R001 Sedimentary Rocks and the Genesis Flood

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This is the first lesson to link the claims in the Bible to actual evidence found on the Earth.

Firstly the Genesis account of The Flood is examined and the types of rock a flood event of this nature would produce on the Earth considered. This lesson focusses primarily on Sedimentary rocks and how they form, although Igneous and Metamorphic rocks are also considered and a comparison with sedimentary rocks is made. If you have some rock samples at home you could use them in this lesson. Alternatively there are some detailed photographs of the different kinds of rock that can be examined and the features of the rock deduced.

Students are encouraged to use thinking skills to compare the features of different rocks and to think critically about evidence in the rocks and how these features could arise from a flood scenario. Alternative interpretations are also considered.

As well as examining rocks there is an experiment using household items to investigate how sediment is deposited in turbulent water flow.

There are three items contained within a zip file in this download:
1. The student workbook entitled Sedimentary Rocks and the Genesis Flood. This book should be printed off and used in conjunction with the presentation.
2. The answers booklet which the student can use for self-assessment.
3. A presentation in Power Point which accompanies the lesson workbook.

You will also need a copy of the Thinking Skills table that is available in the lesson S001 download.

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